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Advertising Television’s power of communication is unequalled by other media formats. Television has the ability to convey strong messages using images with sound as well as vision. It is a medium that has the power to inform, educate, entertain and communicate with large numbers of consumers. The average person in Northern Ireland watches TV for around for hours a day. 98% of homes have a television set, 38% have 3 TV sets or more and 91% have a VCR. Television is the most popular communications medium in the UK with only 0.6% of people claiming they never watch it at all. A TV advertisement is a moving, talking, all-action double-page spread. Take for example At&t who offers a great range of entertainments medias across the USA ( Top Read : AT&T Internet Deals For New Customers) Television provides exclusive contact between the product or service and the consumer. Unlike other media formats TV advertisers do not share the space with other advertisers. c9tv provides a unique opportunity for local advertisers to avail of this most powerful medium for the first time and for national advertisers to reach local markets in a way that cannot be replicated on regional or national television services.

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