Are AT&T Internet Deals Available For New Customers?

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, AT&T has millions of subscribers that sign up for their phone services, cell phone services, internet services and digital television broadcasting services.  In recent years AT&T along with other telecommunications companies have abandoned the traditional offerings of individualized plans including landline telephone service, digital telephone and broadband internet.  Instead, they have created bundles that include all three of these services for a heavily discounted price.  This is an effort by the companies to entice consumers to purchase the bundled plan even if they don’t need all three services.  This earns the company more profits and allows them to provide more efficient customer service and support.

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U-verse Basics

AT&T’s model for bundling their services is known as U-verse.  U-Verse combines the three popular services offered by AT&T – telephone service, television service and internet service into one bundle that costs less than all three services when priced individually.  The service was introduced in 2008 as a response to other telecommunications companies such as Sprint and Verizon offering their own type of bundling plans.  U-verse relies on highly advanced fiber-optic lines that allow for high-speed internet, phone and television to be streamed across the country in record-fast times.

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U-verse is now used by more than 4 million people around the country with the number of subscribers growing daily.  U-verse is available in over 22 states nationwide and it is expected to be offered all around the country in the coming years.  The success of U-Verse and any type of bundling plan depends on a company’s fiber optic technology radius.  A company must have fiber optics installed all throughout the country to facilitate the delivery of high-speed internet, phone and television access in a quick and efficient manner.

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U-Verse Merchants

While U-Verse was created and is ran by AT&T, the telecommunications giant has designated additional merchants who are authorized to resell the service and attract new customers to the service.  Finding a U-Verse merchant is easy when you use the power of the internet.  A simple search into Google will turn up hundreds of results for merchants that carry the U-Verse bundle in your area.  Most major U-Verse merchants offer some type of discount or coupon along with their service to entice potential customers to purchase the bundle from them, versus purchasing from a competing merchant.

How to Find U-Verse Merchant

Locating a merchant or reseller of the popular U-Verse bundle service is not difficult if you know what you’re doing.  A great way to start is to call the local AT&T retail stores in your area.  Most of these stores should carry the U-Verse bundle and be an authorized reseller or distributor.  If AT&T hasn’t laid the proper groundwork such as fiber optic lines in your state, then U-Verse probably isn’t available.  However, AT&T is constantly laying new lines to new and remote areas, opening up the bundling option to more customers around the country.

Another way to find a good U-verse merchant is to ask your friends and family.  If you know somebody who is currently an AT&T customer and is using the U-Verse features ask them what Image result for What AT&T Internet Deals Are Available For New Customers ?merchant they used for obtaining the bundle. Also be sure to ask what price they are charged, what services they receive and what the terms and conditions of their contract are.  Another option is to use the power of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to ask your friends and relatives about U-Verse options.

How to use U-Verse Merchant Coupons

One of the cool aspects related to the U-Verse service and the merchants that resell the service are the numerous coupon codes and promotional codes available.  These codes are available on a variety of third-party websites and they can be used towards obtaining discounts and other benefits towards your U-Verse service.  Use the tips below for the proper procedures for finding and using your U-Verse coupon codes:

  • When searching for U-Verse coupon codes it’s important to obtain them only from authorized resellers that have been granted permission by AT&T to resell them.  There are numerous websites online setup to dupe people out of their money by selling fake, expired or otherwise invalid U-Verse coupons.  Keep an eye out for these websites and always report them to AT&T when they are found.
  • Attempt to search for coupons that offer some type of discount on your U-Verse service.  Some coupons are only good when you start a new U-Verse account or get a new bundled service, while others can be used even after your account has been started.

It is important to ensure the codes and promotional offers you receive are valid and haven’t expired.  Lately, there have been quite a few fraudulent codes floating around, and it’s important to avoid these so you can save your money.  Remember that AT&T also features official U-Verse coupon codes on their official website.  These codes are your safest option as they will generally be up-to-date and useful.

U-Verse Perks

You can obtain numerous perks from using your U-Verse coupon codes.  The merchant websites that offer U-Verse codes are reimbursed via affiliate or commission sales from AT&T themselves, which is why they offer the codes as an incentive to sign up for the service.  There are four possible perks available for these coupons:

  1. Free installation of U-Verse service in your home or business, including making sure each feature is working properly and as advertised.
  2. Free upgrade service from a lower tier service to a higher tier service for the first month.
  3. You can opt to receive cash-back incentives for triple play service.
  4. Receive a FREE HD DVR recorder.

Using U-Verse coupon codes is a great way to save money on your favorite entertainment including digital telephone, digital television, and high-speed broadband internet.  AT&T has bundled all three of these services into one easy to use package.  Purchasing the bundle is cheaper than purchasing each service individually.

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