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In 2004, AT& T Inc exposed plans for a fiber-optic network; in 2005, that fiber-optic network was provided the name “U-Verse”. After some preliminary examinations, U-Verse was commercially launched in San Antonio in 2006; later that year, it would certainly increase to other urban areas such as San Francisco, Hartford, Indianapolis, and other nearby urban areas. On January 25th in the year 2007, the U-Verse plan became available to over 2.8 million houses.

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AT& T U-Verse is extra package deal offered by broadband to improve the encounter of TELEVISION and film streaming in the home. Through improving the television and movie-watching experience via a service called Total DVR, U-Verse cases to be able to transform the home through improved command over the audio and viewing of programs. Among the advantages of the TotalDVR package is the ability to stop briefly live tv from any room in the home. In addition, the Total DVR solution is promoted as enabling the ability to add to up to 4 different tv shows on one DVR, along with saving them.

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The U-Verse Plans

The U-Verse plan also markets itself on being an easily transportable solution that could be taken anywhere. By linking the bundle to electronic devices such as the iPad, iPhone or tablet, users have the ability to make use of the plan and see their favorite programs or motion pictures any place they might go. In addition to being able to see programs quickly and from other locations, the U-verse bundles permit individuals to scan their channel guide as well as remotely routine DVR audios without needing to complete the task by hand.

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