AT&T U-verse vs Fios: A Comparison of Services Provided

The current generation is tech-savvy, but making the right choices over which service suppliers to choose can be difficult even in a techie environment so let’s take a closer look at  AT&T U-verse vs Verizon Fios and see who comes out on top with a brief history and review.

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All the top service providers now use a high-speed service,  voice services, and cost-effective usage. It is essential you understand more about the distinctions between the services companies because AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOs are the 2 major forerunners in today’s market. In a bid to assist you to make an informed decision, this article has AT&T U-verse vs Fios pitted against each other.AT&T U-verse vs Fios: A Comparison of Services Provided

AT&T U-verse Deals And Special Offers

AT&T U-verse is one of the leading providers or media services in the industry today. Although AT&T has been a trusted name for many years, U-verse is a relatively new offering from the company. With AT&T U-verse, you can get Internet access, television service, and phone service.

One of the nice things about AT&T U-verse is that it uses new fiber-optic technology. This is a different type of cable that has the capability of carrying large amounts of information and content to your home.

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The latest AT&T Uverse Code Deals

• U-family TV is $29/month.

• U-family TV and Internet Pro are $59/month including HD-ready DVR.

• U-family TV, Internet Pro and Voice 250 is $89/month.

• Already an AT&T Wireless customer? Existing wireless customers get an additional $5 discount on bundles so you can add U-verse TV and Internet to your wireless service for only $54/month.

• Save on DSL and bundle it with local phone service starting at $14.95/month.

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U-verse TV is unlike other types of TV service in the market. With U-verse, you can record up to four different shows at the same time. You can also pause a show that you’re watching in one room and pick it up in another room. With U-verse, you can also connect to the Internet to get access to your pictures, and even play games.

When you use all three of the services that are available with AT&T U-verse, you can bundle all of your payments into one. You can even bundle these items with your AT&T wireless phone bill so that you only have one bill to pay each month.

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If you are interested in signing up for AT&T U-Verse service, you may want to use one of the many promo codes that are available. When you order your service online, you have the opportunity to enter this promo code into a box to get some serious savings. For example, you could get a $250 prepaid gift card to use as you wish, and lock in a great rate on your service by using a specific promotional code. You can actually get movie credits and other gift card offers to take advantage of. If you are an existing wireless customer, there are also promo codes to help you save money when you add new service. For more information, you can also review the U-Verse wiki page.

To get started, simply choose the promo code that you want to use, and then sign up for AT&T U-verse service at your home or place of business. Then enter the promo code, and take advantage of the savings.

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Verizon FIOS Bundled Plan Options

Verizon is likewise a bundled service plan. Like U-verse, FIOS is a just recently constructed system supplied in certain parts of the United States by telecommunication huge Verizon Communications. FIOS offers to customers high-speed access to, tv programming and telephone services. The system deals with a fiber optic cable television network. The following are some of the reasons you might choose FIOS over U-verse:

a. Television Programming
This bundle includes:

  • – 24/7 tech support.
  • – Remote DVR programming. This can be done via your smart device or web.
  • – Fully incorporated with Smart TELEVISION, Blu-Ray, iPad, iPhone and Xbox 360.
  • – On-Demand Flex View includes that have been integrated into selected devices.

b. Internet Service
The internet service makes up for the following:

  • – Varying speed tires oscillating from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps.
  • – Verizon email address that is offered at no extra charge.
  • – Personal internet area that is used at no service charge.

c. Digital Voice
The following are a few of the features that come with this service:

  • – Remarkably clear voice communication.
  • – Online account manager.
  • – Up to 20 cutting-edge calling functions.
  • – Unrestricted domestic property calling.

Offered the functions pointed out herein, Verizon boasts to offer added value in comparison to other bundling choices accessible in the market. The introductory rate for tv and internet is $69.99, while the introductory rate for tv, digital voice and internet are $79.99 per month.

There is no doubt that AT&T U-verse is among the finest multimedia services in the United States. U-verse offers consumers a wide variance of packages at affordable rates. You can take pleasure in, high-speed web connection, digital phone services, and tv services without having to pay through your nose.

  • U-family TELEVISION– $29/mo for 6 mos + $150 benefit card
  • family TELEVISION, Elite Internet & Voice 200– $79/mo for 24 mos + $300 in reward cards
  • family TELEVISION & Internet Elite– $49/mo for 12 mos + $250 in benefit cards
  • 300 TELEVISION & Max Plus Internet– $84/mo for 12 mos + $250 reward card
  • family TV & Internet Elite– $49/mo (for existing AT&T wireless customers only) + $300 in benefit cards
  • bundled with house phone + $50 benefit card, elite Internet– $14.95/ mo
  • Max Turbo Internet– $54.95/ mo for 12 mos + $50 benefit card

This Video Is a Full Verizon Fios Review Rundown

All service companies strive to offer high-speed internet connection,  voice service, and cost-effective data use agreements. Any AT&T U-verse coupon code will likewise ensure you save when signing up for the service.

FIOS offers customers high-speed internet access, tv programming, and telephone services. There is no doubt that AT&T U-verse is one of the best multimedia services in the United States. You can enjoy, high-speed internet connection, digital phone services, and tv services without having to pay through your nose.

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