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The internet is one of the most important tools we use during everyday of our lives.  While the internet was non-existent some 20 years ago, many people don’t know how they would go about their lives today without it.  Saving money on your internet service should be your top priority, especially when you consider the massive number of companies and businesses now offering internet service for cheaper and cheaper prices.  This article will highlight some of the easiest ways and methods you can go about saving money on your broadband purchases and services.

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Go with a Bundled Package

Telecommunications companies are smart.  They know that somebody who is purchasing an internet service probably wants a television and phone service as well.  This is why the bundled package system has become so popular in recent years.  You can oftentimes save up to $20 per month when you purchase your internet service in a bundled package that typically includes digital television and digital landline telephone service as well.  Obviously you don’t want to bundle your internet with other services if you have no intention of using the other services, as this would be silly.  But if you know your family wants television and telephone service in addition to broadband internet, purchasing them in a bundled package is a great way to save money.

Compare Service Providers

Another great way to save money on all your broadband purchases is to compare service providers before you make a purchasing decision.  You may be surprised to know that different service providers, even those covering the same physical areas can oftentimes charge drastically different prices.  There are oftentimes more than five different companies competing for customers in the same area, which allows you to easily compare prices and service plans between companies to find the one that will suit your needs and budget.  There are numerous websites online dedicated to comparing the prices and service plans of internet service providers, or you can simply call each company yourself and inquire about their prices.Image result for What AT&T Internet Deals Are Available For New Customers ?

Get a Contract

Despite the negative connotations associated with signing on the dotted line for internet service, in reality you can save quite a bit of money when you sign a long term (18-24 month) contract.  Savings can often be more than $10 per month when you compare the price of internet with a contract and without one.  Signing a contract shouldn’t change your outlook on the service you receive or the company you’re dealing with, especially if you’ve been a long-time customer and are happy with the service.

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Know your Speed Requirements

People oftentimes get suckered into purchasing expensive data plans or the latest “screaming-fast” internet connection without realizing they don’t actually need that fast of a connection.  If your primary internet use consists of updating your Facebook page and checking your email then chances are you can make do with a slower connection of <1 megabit/second.  Even with a 1 megabit/second connection you will still be able to load most webpages in under a second, download a 5 minute song in 40 seconds and stream high-definition video from the internet.

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If you’re into online gaming or require the internet for extensive work then purchasing a higher-tier plane would make sense.  Remember that the prices increase dramatically with the speeds, and purchasing a top-level speed plan can cost 50% more than a lower speed plan.

Inquire about Usage

Some internet service providers put set limits and caps on the amount of data you are able to view each month.  Going over these caps can cost you dearly as astronomically high data rates kick in after you reach the limit, often with no forewarning.  Before signing on the dotted line for any type of internet contract you must ensure the data plan includes unlimited usage, versus having a set data limit.  If you’re unsure of this it’s important to ask a customer service rep before agreeing to the contract and purchasing your services.

Watch for Hidden Costs

Telecommunications companies often make quite a bit of money exploiting “hidden costs” that are barely mentioned or buried deep within your contract.  While this may sound ethical, it is legal and it’s something you need to be aware of.  Common hidden costs include activation fees, hardware costs such as cables and modems, delivery costs, installation fees, deactivation fees, contract termination fees… the list goes on and on.  Avoiding these hidden costs are easy if you carefully review your contract.  By law a company cannot charge you a fee if it’s not included in your contract, so you should always review your contract fully and complain to a higher authority such as the Better Business Bureau if your company is price jabbing you.

Look for Freebies and Promotional Offers

One of the best ways to save money on your broadband purchases is to look for freebies and promotional offers given out by the company in the attempt to attract more customers.  Some companies will give you a free X-Box or PlayStation after signing up to their contract, but look carefully.  Are they attempting to lure you in with a freebie only to charge you astronomically high rates after you’ve signed on the dotted line?

Another way to save money is to find coupon codes and discount codes made available by either third party websites or the telecommunications company themselves.  These codes can often be applied when you first start a contract to receive a variety of benefits such as a free first month of service, free installation, free modem and more.  These codes (like our ATT codes) can be found on third-party websites, and they are sometimes distributed by the company themselves during special occasions.

Saving money on your broadband bill each month doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.  By using the simple tips posted above you can be well on your way towards reducing your monthly bill, receiving free items or getting a better connection.  Always remember to shop around and ask friends to find the best promotions available.

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