Current Affairs

Dissatisfaction has been expressed about the decline in the volume and prominence of current affairs programmes on British television in recent years. Research shows that the decision to de-emphasise current affairs appears to be at odds with the tastes and needs of audiences. Evidence suggests that the public place a lot of value on documentary current affairs programming and viewers pay close attention to current affairs programmes that directly concern them.

c9tv’s current affairs programme, Agenda, originates from the belief that many issues facing the local community are often of such a complex, sensitive and important nature that they merit more attention than a two or three minute news package.

Agenda satisfies the interests of our audience by examining in-depth important issues in our locality that would not be covered on any other television services available within our broadcast area. The programme represents a genuine addition to the current affairs programming available in our locality with an original half-hour programme being broadcast every weekday evening. The once-weekly current affairs offerings on the ITV and BBC regional services tend to examine issues at the macro Northern Ireland level.