More than any other programme genre, television news, as most people’s main source of news and political information, plays a key role in underpinning democracy and citizenship. Television news is the single television genre most viewers value.

An ITC report by Professor Ian Hargreaves identified a high degree of dissatisfaction amongst viewers with regard to availability of local television news. The report suggests that television appears to be a diminishing influence in local news and the reason many people find politics meaningless or difficult to engage with may be because they are not able to judge its effects in their own communities.

At c9tv we are convinced that there is an obvious need among audiences for more local television news that is not being filled by any existing regional or national broadcasters.c9tv News focuses on stories, events and issues that are relevant to the lives of the audience residing in our locality in a way that is unique to our service and not replicated in any other television service broadcasting within our footprint.

c9tv News is now recognised as the premium local news service within our broadcast area enhancing and underpinning the democratic process. We have been able to build a substantial audience for our news programmes.Within our broadcast area c9tv News is as popular as Coronation Street on the regional ITV service.