c9tv believes that the tastes and interests of our audience can best be served by paying particular attention to the quality, prominence and scheduling stability of the original local programming within our service. c9tv is committed to delivering the maximum amount of local original programming of the highest possible quality within the resources available to the business. To ensure that local original programming is exposed to the largest available potential audience it is always scheduled at peak times.

Ofcom’s latest review of Public Service Television Broadcasting concluded that viewers felt that ‘regional’ news is not ‘local’ enough. Evidence gathered by the ITC suggested that, at regional television level, audiences value news above all other programme genres. They are also interested in regional current affairs, sports and history programmes. People bemoan the decline in arts and community programming from ITV schedules.

We believe that substantial audiences exist for truly local news, current affairs and sports programmes. The withdrawal of regional television providers from the arts and community programming mentioned above provides c9tv with an opportunity to satisfy the demand that exists for these programme genres with arts and community programmes of a truly local nature.