Verizon Fios Internet Only Plan Review

Verizon Fios Internet Only Plan Review​One of the hardest aspects of cutting the cord is being able to find affordable internet service. Getting gouged on internet service can be an obstacle for many who are trying to eliminate their satellite or cable TV subscription. Fortunately, there is a 100 Mbps internet only plan offer from Verizon Fios on this page that costs under $40 a month.

When you order the $99.99 set up fee will be waived by Verizon and they will provide you with a credit of up to $500 for covering the early termination fee you might have with your current internet service provider. Verizon internet deals do change every once in a while, according to Darren Tatch of MydealsClub however the last time that I checked the 100 Mbps connection for under $40 was still being offered. I was also able to set it up in such a way so that I could use Fios with my own router and avoid having to pay a rental fee on the router.

They also provided me with a preview of what my bill was going to look like. Past dealings that I have had with various cable companies have made me suspicious of hidden expenses and fee. The bill that Fios sent to me had no surprises and was just what I expected.

Is Fios available in my local area?

Fios isn’t available everywhere yet, however, it is an excellent alternative to internet providers and your current cable provider. Call us today to find out if Fios is available in your local area.

Based on the current coverage map, Verizon Fios is available to around 39 million individuals in the U.S. That makes it by far the biggest residential fiber provider. Who is able to get it? Verizon has mainly concentrated deploying its Fios service to larger metropolitan areas such as Tampa, Florida, Washington D.C. and New York City. Of course it makes total economic sense for any new infrastructure to be deployed into high population areas. However, the map isn’t as impressive as the wireless coverage maps that most of us are used to looking at.

When Fios is available in a certain county, that does not automatically mean everyone in the county can get it. The Verizon address check still needs to be used to check to see if the service is available for a specific address.

Who Benefits The Most From Verizon Fios?

People who work from home: Having reliable, solid Internet is critical for remote workers and home offices. If you have been struggling with latency and packet loss while video conferencing over a DSL or cable connection, then you will know what I mean. The price difference between the fastest fiber plans from Verizon Fios and the cable competitors is less than how much your coffee habit costs, and can make a significant difference in the way you appear to coworkers, clients and any other relationships that you maintain online.

Cord cutters: Currently Verizon Fios is one of the few providers that is not rolling a data cap out. This is a massive advantage for people who use YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix instead of traditional cable for accessing their video entertainment. You can watch as much as you desire without being afraid of getting a huge “overage bill.”

Movie and TV fans: After you have switched over to pure fiber, it is difficult to go back to your old way of watching entertainment. However, there are some great cable TV offerings made by traditional cable companies, so before you buy make sure to carefully check what your channel options are.

How To Navigate the Sign Up Process for Verizon Fios

The following is a brief overview of the signup process. It is actually quite simple once you determine that Fios is available for your specific address.

  1. Check to see if the service is available at your address.
  2. Get a bundle option customized based on what your individual needs are.
  3. Decide what contract length you want to have.
  4.  Check this page for any deals that are offered to go directly to that specific offer from Verizon.
  5. Schedule an installation time.
  6. Enjoy your brand new world of entertainment, TV and internet.

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